Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Nitroplanes Sea Fury


It's a big model, very brawny.

I am using a Monster Power 110 motor, which is probably overkill, but it will go straight up.  Unlimited vertical.
Power is two 4000mah 4s packs.
Speed control is a Castle Creations 85hv.
Using a seperate 1600 5 cell pack for the radio.
I have Raidentech digital servos on all surfaces, they seem just great so far, not cheap junk, but very nice servos.
It comes with flaps, but fixed gear.  It is not retract ready, but installing retract bays should be no big deal, it's a plain wood wing.
Woodwork and covering is superb.  Glasswork is good, and very light.  The wing and stab tips are fiberglass, too.
I made mine a two-piece wing, it holds up in flight, no problem.
I fitted one of the Nitroplanes WWII pilots, it looks GREAT, and they are very cheap.  I had to cut his base down a little to fit.
The only complaint I have had so far is I think the elevator pushrod is a little too flexy for my tastes, so I replaced it with 4/40 rods and a fiberglass tube.
So far, very pleased...

I have about a dozen flights on it, the more I fly it, the more I love it.  Incredibly aerobatic, fast, and very very very easy to land.  Wonderful plane.


rcpilot said...

I'm not "you guys", I don't work for Nitroplanes, I just build and fly models.
Can I make a suggestion? It seems like the best way to get a problem handled is to go to, then to the nitroplanes support forum, then post to get in touch with John, aka nitrostaff1. He seems to really take care of things. I don't think you should have to pay return shipping, either. It has been my own experience that CS is pretty much impossible to get on the phone, I don't dispute what you say at all, but if you get in touch with John, he will take care of your problem. Doubt you will have much result any other way. The way I see it(and I don't ask you to agree, this is just my two cents) that the prices are so sickeningly low, you can't expect the same level of CS that you might get from Horizon...but you aren't PAYING for that service, either. That being said, you should still get what you paid for, and John is the guy to talk to.

KB said...

Sorry, assumed you worked for NitroPlane (AKA RaidenTech, AKA, AKA, AKA,, and few other AKA's - watch for the SAME phone number!). Your blog sure looks like you do.

None the less, as you likely recognized we are pissed. I bought that particular plane as a gift for my son because he likes the design and had already built a beautiful plastic model of the FW-190. (et. al.) has been very arrogant and now just ignores any attempt to email them. We set Discover Card on them and they will not pay them until NitroPlanes sends a prepaid shipping label and sends the plane we ordered. Least to say, after buying two other planes and an electric Heli, we won't ever buy from them again.

I'll take one shot at posting on RC Universe at the NP forum, I'm already a member. But I've already posted on other RC site we're members of a warning to beware of NitroPlanes et al. Crappy CS and lousy company attitudes need to be exposed.

rcpilot said...

No problem. seems the ONE place people get results is to post in the
NITROPLANES CUSTOMER SERVICE FORUM on RCU. And when this guy "nitrostaff1" sees it, he seems to take care of stuff every time. I don't think they read any of the other forums..

rcpilot said...

So, did you get taken care of?

KB said...

After two weeks, and being embarrased by my complaint of lousy and deporable customer service, "john" apparently gave someone there orders to ship us the correct plane we ordered and they emailed me a prepaid return label.

We got the Guanli FW-190, assembled it with some struggle as the instructions in "Chinglish" are awful and I have to say that the "engineering" of this model is pretty slipshod.

The stabilizer doesn't line up on the same plane as the wing and there is really no way to compensate for it in assembly. The brushed engine is mounted lopsided in the airframe as part of the foam casting, so again there is no way to adjust, compensate or remount it. The servos are just junk. The paint is nice but fragile, scratching or lifting is too easy.

This is a $50 plane, not worth the $85 list price.

rcpilot said...

I have been happy with the Guanli stuff I have flown.
Try levelling the mount for the stab with sandpaper or an emery board. You do want the stab level.
If the motor is mounted off, it is probably down and side thrust put there on purpose.

For $82, these things are a steal. Not sure what you can get for $50, with all the electronics installed, painted, and built. Nothing, as far as I know.
Have you ended the CC dispute and returned the other plane, or are you keeping them?

rcpilot said...

Back to the Sea flies beautifully. I need to add downthrust and some more noseweight, but it's a honey, for sure.

rcpilot said... go by the name "Websterfreaky" and some others on the internet. I can see that you have put up dozens of posts all over the place slamming nitroplanes for sending you the wrong plane. Now you got the right one, but you have not revisited any of those threads to say your problem is fixed. Instead, you keep adding more. And you kept both planes, and did a chargeback?

Byzcol said...


I too have acquired a Sea Fury (unbuilt yet) but so far you have the only I have seen on the net that is flying. I have a Tower Pro 5330/8T from Hobbycity with Turnigy 80A ESC w/UBEC and 1 or 2 TrueRC 8000mah 14.8v 10C lipos to power it. I'm interested by your comments on downthrust and adding noseweight. Don't think I will need weight in the nose with the monster 5330 (weighing almost 680gms) and the battery(s)(745gms each).

I would be really interested in seeing some pics of your setup and a flight video if you have one :-)


rcpilot said...

I don't have any video...still figuring out how to post pictures here.
My plane is massively overpowered...I'm sure yours will be even worse! Or better!
I needed about 8 ounces of noseweight to get to the factory specified CG, no big deal. I put two washers underneath the top motor screws to get my downthrust, it was fine...
I have not seen another soul who has flown this plane, it's a real shame, it's a winner. There are some pics up on
The performance is dazzling, best electric I have done so far. Very easy plane to land, too.