Sunday, December 14, 2008

CMP DeHavilland Mosquito twin

It's pretty awesome. The airplane has something of a bad reputation because the CG listed in the manual is wrong, horribly wrong, as in crash-your-airplane-as-soon-as-you-take-off-wrong. I recognzed it right away and set my CG at about 25% of chord before the first flight, and she flew like a champ...
Here is my's ALL Nitroplanes gear except the retract servos and the receiver, which are Spektrum/JR gear:
5 Towerpro standard servos
2 Monster Power 46 motors
2 60A Volcano ESCs with BECs
5 Fusion Power 5s 3200 lipos
CMP/Nitroplanes mechanical retracts
2 JR retract servos
2 12/8 APC props
2 CMP P-51 style spinners

Here are my mods from the standard kit:
Repainted black
Added extensions to the fronts of the cowls to make the spinners fair in better
Made outer wing panels removeable
Electric conversion
Removeable canopy

The 46 motors power it well, and the 3200s give at least ten minutes' duration.
For glow engines, I think a pair of 32-40 engines would be fine.
It flies very well indeed, no issues in the air, looks great and tracks great. The flaps, even though they all run off one servo, are not an issue. They are very effective, she will slow down nicely for landing, but don't get too cutesy by getting too slow, it will most certainly fall off on one of those narrow wingtips if you do. It's not a scary plane to fly at all, but it's not a park flyer, either!

It's a heck of a deal at $219, an awful lot of stuff in the box, and everything is of very good quality.