Monday, March 03, 2008

Nitroplanes Guanli P-47 Thunderbolt

Firstup, in spite of all the internet "experts", the plane does indeed fly fine on the stock brushed system with NIMH batteries. Power is adequate, flight times are six minutes or so.
You don't need brushless power...if you really want to honk around, just change to a 3 cell 1300 lipo pack, then power is more than you need, and duration is 10 minutes plus.
It will do any maneuver in the book, it's very stable, and it's a lot of fun to fly.  It's cute as a button, too.
Quality is excellent all around.  If one of your servos does not work, try tightening the case screws, they are often loose from the factory.   I have been using the included 27mhz radio with no problems.
I used five minute epoxy instead of the provided contact cement, I like it better.
I did not use the landing gear, I hand launch mine.  I used the remains of the decal sheet to cover the bottom of the fuse for landing protection.
This is about as much fun as you can have for $80, it's an amazing deal.  I keep it in the back of the car and toss it around at any little park or field I can find.
It's not a copy of the E-flight P-47 or anybody else's plane, it's an original.


rcpilot said...

I converted mine to brushless power, using an Exceed 1370kv motor...tons of power, very fast, but I folded the wing pulling up from a deep dive. I highly recommend if you go this route to install a spar into the wings. Still a great model, great flyer, great appearance, great flight, but if you go with excessive power, like I did...reinforce the wing!

Anonymous said...

I put a carbon fiber spar into the wing. Now she has held up to some wildly violent aerobatics, it will do all sorts of stupid stuff, lots and lots of fun. Out of all the Guanli planes, this one is my favorite. It's very compact, cute, scale, and nice, flies just great.