Sunday, March 02, 2008

Raidentech Formula 1 Ride On Car

When I was a kid, we would go to FAO Schwartz and see toys like this, they cost thousands and were for young princes and such, totally out of my league.  But, hey, I always wanted one.
Well...I'm always getting all these big boxes from UPS, and my six year old daughter keeps getting mad that none of the boxes are for HER(they are all RC models for me), so I was poking around one day on the Raidentech site, checking out all the toy stuff I never knew they had, when I spotted this thing...hey, it was only $189, I took a chance, and six days later, UPS delivered this box, this HUGE box, much bigger than my airplane boxes, and my daughter was very thrilled that finally, here was a box for HER, and it was as big as a hot dog stand.  She would have been happy with just the cardboard box for a playhouse, but inside the box was this great car...

It took about 45 minutes to assemble it, you need to put on the mirrors and the rear spoiler and steering wheel, not much else.  Simple stuff.

So, how does she go?  About 5mph, much faster than the old Barbie Jeep she has, fast enough to be interesting, not fast enough to be dangerous.  It has three speeds built in, so you can limit the speed for smaller children.
I'm sure I will be able to modify it for a lot more speed at some future day(I'm handy that way!) but for now, she's really happy.
It has lights, a horn, turn signals, built in digital music player, plus a working FM radio.
The battery lasts for about two hours of play.
The quality is excellent, the thing is tough.
They also make a two seater jeep, but it's only in camo, not really her speed. I hope Raidentech imports something like an MG roadster, so I can get her something else, too.
I just need to persuade some other parent to get one of these so we can have races through Central Park.
We drive this thing down the street, it gets an unbeleivable amount of attention.  All the kids want one, and all the adults all say they wanted one when they were a kid.  And everybody thinks it costs a grand or so.  I don't really tell them otherwise, I let my kid be the center of attention for a bit, she's proud of her car.
I have to say, it has been the most incredibly impressive and fun thing for the money that I have ever gotten for my kid, it's very afforadable, and very big and cool, it's a big, serious toy, any kid's fantasy.  She's pleased as punch.
I'm going to try to get some good video when the weather gets better.


Ritchie said...

Get set go with RaidenTech riding cars...

rcpilot said...

Free shipping is a good deal, on top of the already low price...I'd like to see Raiden get some more different cars like this...