Thursday, March 06, 2008

NitroPlanes Guanli FW-190 RTF Kit (Green Paint Scheme)

I got this yesterday from a friend and when I opened the box I was really surprised at what I saw. I have experience with GWS kits and I was expexting something on that order. But WOW this was way better than any GWS kit. I couldn't believe all of this and they sell em' for only 85 bucks. This is a greta deal. The quality is good and talk about quick set-up time. Like the box says it's almost RTF. You can't do this with any over priced GWS kit. Look if you want to get a few warbirds or heck even the whole squadron try these Guanli Warbird RTF kits out from NitroPlanes. You'll have a plane or two that are easy to set-up, look great and they won't break the bank. Not only that but if you ever want to upgrade to A Brushless system it's a breeze to do. Oh yeah, you can read the instructions. Yup they are in english and very easy to follow. That's another one up on the GWS kits.

If you have any questions on these planes e-mail me at

Thanks Nitroplanes for making the hobby a bit more affordable for us all.



D. J. said...

I'll take bets that you either work for NitroPlanes, or you're a relative to one of the owners!

What absolute BS. I too have the FW-190. Underpowered, the forward access panel won't stay on with the cheezy Velcro (blows off every flight), the geared motor is mount way off center from the CL of the fuselage (all the advert pictures show the same situation) and the plane of the wings and stabilizer is off by 5 degrees!!

The 27MHz radio is crap, the servose are weak, and the routing of the ailerons push rods are terrible.

What the hell are you smoking to rate this plane better than a GWS??? Oh yeah, you probably are somehow related to NitroPlanes.

Ps, The Guanli A-10 barely flies even with a 8.4v 1100mAh 2S Li-PO. You are nuts.

Anonymous said...

Jason@maxamps does not work for Nitroplanes. He works for Maxamps. And they have zero business relationship. In fact, they are rivals, they both sell batteries.
If he said it flew, it flew. Period.

I know who you are, you are that websterfreaky guy who is all over the internet busting on nitroplanes, you did a chargeback with them and got some free planes out of it, right? Theif.

itsalp said...

D.J is right. guanli is absolute BS.
i bought a PBY catalina and its was a piece of crap. the instructions were vague and sometimes wrong. the parts were glued slanted and its the cheapest piece of crap you can buy. i completely agree with d.j. guanli sucks. and the guy probably does work for nitro planes.

itsalp said...

D.J is right. guanli is absolute BS.
i bought a PBY catalina and its was a piece of crap. the instructions were vague and sometimes wrong. the parts were glued slanted and its the cheapest piece of crap you can buy. i completely agree with d.j. guanli sucks. and the guy probably does work for nitro planes.

Anonymous said...

dj/itsalp/websterphreaky...all the same guy.
The Catalina flies beautifully, maybe the best of the whole Guanli bunch.
There are many other reviews online, including videos, showing how well it flies.
You were told, webster, repeatedly, that the 2s lipo was not going to cut it on the A-10. Use a 3s as recommended.
The Fw190, if the motor is mounted off center, it's intentional, to give the correct right thrust.
If your stab is tilted, correct it before you glue it on.
The 27mhz radio, they are no great range, and glitchy, and subject to outside interference from toys. Either take the risk, or swap it out for a better radio.
It does fly stock. You can see the video that bannanahobby put up on youtube. It can use more power, but it does indeed fly.

I think you are a very inexperienced pilot, and a very angry one. I have seen about one hundred posts from you about how bad nitroplanes is. Every time someone brings up nitroplanes, even if it's a completely different plane from yours, you keep bringing up how awful your Guanli A-10 is. Shut up already. We've heard it already.
While you may be fooling some of the real newbies into thinking you know something, the fact is that you are very, very inexperienced, and when other people read what you post, they laugh at you.
You are also begging for help from Nitroplanes on their forum, trying to get a free fuselage for another plane, while simultaneously bashing them at any opportunity.
These Guanli planes, some of them are really great, some not so great, but they ALL fly, and with a few mods, you can make them fly very well.
I don't know what your expectations are for $82(or FREE, as you did a chargeback and got two planes for free from nitro), but most people are a little more realistic about what they should get for this this price. I've had a lot of fun with my Guanli planes.
Sorry, but this needed saying already. We've all heard enough from websterfreaky, and his constant and uninformed bashing of both nitroplanes and guanli. Enough.
PS, no, I don't work for Nitroplanes.

rcpilot said...

Seriously, dude. That's enough. This blog was set up to be a place where modellers could post their experiences and questions about the various planes Nitroplanes sells. Not as your personal bitch board. You are ruining it for everybody. And it's not all about Guanli, nitro sells a ton of different planes, from differnent manufacturers. Please, stop it already. Thanks.
I don't work for Nitroplanes, either, and I don't get paid anything to post about them, I just feel like there are some great planes here at great prices, and Nitro does not have the technical support staff to really show what the planes are all about, so I will tell what I can, and if it helps a fellow modeller, then great.

Wrench66 said...

I was given a Guanli FW190 last week that had already been modified for brushless power. It had a few flights on it before I got it so there were a few issues to address (mostly previous damage repair) and it had been stripped of all it's 27 band radio equip. I installed my radio (Hitec 72mgz Laser4) and 3s 1500 lipo battery and from the first flight I have been very happy with it's performance....flys great! Now to be fair, I had a centering problem on the ailerons caused by the single servo/plastic tube wire control deal. Bad engineering but easily rebuilt using another servo (one for each wing) and a splitter cord to the RX. Of course the controls move so much smoother now and always come back to true center.
I am very pleased with this planes looks (from 10ft away it looks like a more $$ balsa built) and how it flys!! I run a very simple 2410-09 motor with 10x6 GWS prop, on 3s I am at 20oz and I get 12min flight times.
BTW....these days anyone still using brushed/geared power units are just BL motor was only $10!! It's only underpowered if you want it to be :)