Sunday, March 02, 2008

Towerpro SG5010 standard servos

I had some bad luck with the 995 Towerpro digital servos a few years ago, they were really bad, so I was kind of gunshy about trying these ones.
Well, I've used about 20 so far, with no issues.  All have been fine right out of the box, they are just a decent, powerful, accurate standard servo, with a nice quiet geartrain, suitable for most uses, with a nice complete package of horns and mounting hardware.  I have put quite a lot of flying on them with no issues at all, I'm very happy.  I build a lot of planes, and I am always looking for ways of fitting them out without spending so much, and these really help.  They work the same as my Futaba or JR standard servos, no issues.

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