Monday, May 26, 2008

Nitroplanes ArtTech F4U Corsair

Absolutely stunning model.  Every single thing is included in the box except 8aa batteries.  Even a simulator disk and a special cable to connect the transmitter to your computer.  It takes only ten minutes with the included screwdriver to assemble, no glue is needed.
Construction quality and engineering are TOP NOTCH.  Good stuff.  Everything is well built, and everything fit perfectly, and all the electronics worked perfectly.

Appearance is GREAT.  It's very scale, and the scale three bladed prop is a knockout.

In the air, it has plenty of power, it will loop easily from level flight.  Roll rate is good, but not staggering, seems very scale. Rudder authority is excellent.  Speed is good, but not outrageous.  Handling is benign, it's a very easy plane to fly, with no real vices, very easy to land.  A great first warbird.
Expert pilots can add a bigger motor and battery and get more performance, but I suspect most people will be satisfied with what comes in the box.  Certainly, it's in no way underpowered in the stock form.  Flight times are long, too.
This is a GREAT model.  I don't know why Nitroplanes does not put it on the front page...


Anonymous said...

this is my first 4 channel brushless plane and i must say i'm amazed by the quality. buy this plane, u'll like it alot!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was pretty blown away.
After many flights, I put in a 2200mah lipo. Right above the battery compartment is a small one ounce or so lead weight hidden in the foam...I picked it out with hemostats to help balance the plane with the larger pack. It goes fine with the larger pack, but it flies better, lighter, with the original 1300, and it goes for at least 10 minutes on that pack anyway, so I don't recommend going to a larger pack...