Monday, May 26, 2008

China Model Productions CMP Ventus 2600mm sailplane

You bet. Quality is beyond, way beyond, expectations. This is a $600 European glass slipper sailplane selling for only $139.

I have her mostly done. I used digital minis all around, but then when I got to the last few, I realized it was dumb to throw an expensive digital servo at the rudder, spoiler, retract, and tow release controls, so I stopped final assembly until I can get some cheaper servos ordered.
The retract mechanism and gear doors are spectacular.
Glasswork and paint are spectacular, with factory applied and clearcoated decals.
Excellent instructions, and a ton of neat hardware and thoughtful touches.
CMP has outdone themselves on this one, this is kind of like "the Chinese have really ARRIVED", you know?


Eldon said...

Hi my name is Eldon and I am interested in the Ventus sailplane that you have listed for sale. I can be reached by telephone at 425-820-0241. Even if you have already sold the plane can you please contact me with information about where I may find another? Much appreciated. My email is


flyboytha1 said...

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