Friday, July 25, 2008

Nitroplanes Willhobby Sea Fury

It's a big model, very brawny.

I am using a Monster Power 110 motor, which is probably overkill, but it will go straight up. Unlimited vertical.
Power is two 4000mah 4s packs.
Speed control is a Castle Creations 85hv.
Using a seperate 1600 5 cell pack for the radio.
I have Raidentech digital servos on all surfaces, they seem just great so far, not cheap junk, but very nice servos.
It comes with flaps, but fixed gear. It is not retract ready, but installing retract bays should be no big deal, it's a plain wood wing.
Woodwork and covering is superb. Glasswork is good, and very light. The wing and stab tips are fiberglass, too.
I made mine a two-piece wing, it holds up in flight, no problem.
I fitted one of the Nitroplanes WWII pilots, it looks GREAT, and they are very cheap. I had to cut his base down a little to fit.
The only complaint I have had so far is I think the elevator pushrod is a little too flexy for my tastes, so I replaced it with 4/40 rods and a fiberglass tube.
So far, very pleased...

I have about a dozen flights on it, the more I fly it, the more I love it. Incredibly aerobatic, fast, and very very very easy to land. Wonderful plane.

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Michel said...

I have bought the nitroplane Sea Fury. I have installed an OS 120stroke straight to the fire wall with an engine mount. I added lots of lead to the nose to ballance it for my first flight. Total weight is 13.5 pounds. First flight was a success. Howerver now I have 6 flights on it and I found a major flaw with this kit. The landing gear are too long a wabbles side ways causing my plane to flip upside down at the end of the runway. I have to change this. I Did install 4-40 rods for rudder and elevator controls.
This plane flies great and lands very well and I prefure it compared to a Mustang or Spitfire.