Friday, July 25, 2008

Exceed Blazing Star helicopter

It's my first real heli.  I had some of the toy types, but this is a much bigger step.  The thing comes completely ready to fly, all you need to do is charge the lipo battery with the provided balance charger, and put 8aa batteries into the transmitter.  
Everything worked perfectly right out of the box.  I have some 15 flights on it so far, with no mechanical issues whatsoever.  The heli is mostly metal, it's pretty hard to break.
I have been practicing all the basic maneuvers, and really getting the hang of it.  No crashes so far.  I felt pretty comfortable after only a couple of flights.  I have been staying out of the wind, for the most part, but this evening, I took it outside in a pretty fair 10mph breeze and had no real problems with it, but I definitely recommend zero wind or indoors for your first flights.  More later, and some pics...
So far, so great... I have some 30 flights on it.  Everything is still working fine.  I bent a skid and cracked the canopy when I hit a tree, no other damage, in spite of dropping 15 feet onto pavement.
I replaced the stock "sport" canopy with a "Lama" style scale one that fit with a little scissors work.  I like the look much better.
This was my first heli, and I have to say, the experience was great.  I feel comfortable moving on to a more advanced heli now.  I highly recommend it for someone who wants to get their feet wet in helis, I have no complaints at all about this machine, and the price is really cheap, too.


MacBash said...

This is nothing but a rebranded Walkera.

Anonymous said...

Could be. I'm no heli expert, I don't know what's out there. All I know is the bird was very cheap, worked perfectly out of the box, and was shipped promptly. It was more than I expected for the money, and it flew, and still flies, beautifully. It got me started in helis, and I have zero complaints about it. About 40 flights so far, and it's still going. I put a different canopy on, that's the only thing I have done. So...whoever the manufacturer is in the Far East, they did a great job, and Nitro shipped it to me fast for a cheap price. What's the problem? I'm going to try another heli from Nitro, this time a collective pitch one instead of coaxial, so if you know of one that Nitro sells that is made by Walkera, let me know which, as I have been very happy with this one.