Monday, September 01, 2008

Exceed RC F-18 EDF

A very nice model, designed by Andy Chen at Starmax. If you are bored with the performance of the regular 64mm EDF models out there, and are looking for something a little larger, with much higher performance, this is for you.
It has a 70mm fan and uses a 4s 2200 lipo, and is capable of 80mph at least right out of the box.
It also can handle whatever power upgrades you want to throw at it.
The landing gear is unique, it is fixed gear with the mains in a non-scale semi-retracted position for much less drag. It looks a little funny, but it works well, landings are very easy. It will also hand-launch with no problems.
I really like it so far, after about 5 flights, handling is crisp, speed is excellent, vertical performance is good, it's great for someone who wants a higher level of performance, and the quality of molding, engineering, and construction is to Starmax's usual high standard.

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