Monday, September 15, 2008

ArtTech Jetiger EDF

A very nice model. Molded from EPO foam, much tougher than the regular EPS, it can take quite a beating.
Everything needed to fly except 8aa batteries for the transmitter are included. Even a screwdriver!
Assembly takes only fifteen need to screw the two fins into place, then stick on the nose and tailcone, then off you go.
A nice simualator disk and a cable to connect the TX to your computer are included as a bonus.
There is a 1320 15c lipo battery and a quality 110v balance charger also.
The TX is a very decent FM narrow band job, the RX is a six channel, and both have worked with no issues to the limits of vision. does she fly? Very nicely. Hand launch is super easy, there are hand grip holes built into the bottom. She is clean and pretty fast, maybe 70mph, and capable of doing most aerobatics. Very easy to land, slows down well. A great introduction to jet models, or a nice bit of fun for the more advanced pilot. One very nice aspect is it does not take up a lot of room in the car, and the nature of the EPO foam is that it is very resistant to dings and scratches, so you can throw it in the trunk and not worry so much.
I noticed a substantial performance increase when I used one of the new Nitroplanes Red 20c 1500 lipos over the stock one...the extra power is great. The battery compartment could be easily opened up to accomodate something even larger, if you wanted.

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